Rifle Range


100 yard rifle ranges with 3 covered shooting stations

Skeet Range


5 stations and two automated throwers.  Join other skeet fanatics on Thursdays's and Sundays at 10:30.  All levels from beginners to expert welcome!

Pistol Range


Two targets, a wooden boardwalk and a covered shooting station

Range Hours

The Ranges are open daily from 9am to dusk

Please remember when using the ranges to sign in and out on the white board at the clubhouse AND also sign in at the range in the range book.

Range Rules to Remember

1.  You can only use handguns at the Pistol range; absolutely no rifles are allowed. With the opening of the Pistol range you will NOT be allowed to shoot handguns at the Rifle range anymore.

  1. Only Nipmuc members are allowed at the ranges unless it is a league-sponsored event. You cannot use the range with a friend or family member that is not a member.
  2. Please have your Nipmuc ID card or pin available in case you are asked to confirm you are a member of the club.
  3. No member under the age of 18 is allowed at the range unless accompanied by a responsible adult knowledgeable in the safe handling of firearms.
  4. You must utilize the target frames that we have provided and use paper targets only. No bottles, cans, metal or silhouette targets, etc are allowed. If you are not able to consistently hit the target then move closer so as not to damage the bullet containment structure.
  5. It is possible the Pistol range may be closed at times or may not be available for general use because of club sponsored events.
  6. Use of alcohol or drugs at the range will result in immediate termination from the club.
  7. Please sign the Log Book located in the hut every time you use the facility.
  8. Wear Ear and Eye protection for your own personal safety.
  9. Important - Firearms should not be loaded and the action must be opened if you are not at the firing line actively shooting at the target. Never leave a loaded firearm unattended.

This range required a lot of work and commitment by some of your fellow members so please try to maintain it as best you can so that everyone can enjoy it for a long time to come. If you notice anything that needs repair or are aware of misuse of the facility please bring it to the attention of one of the Club officers or a member of the Board of Directors. Thank you.

Remember - Be Safe!!!